International evidence base

The Clinic for Dissociative Studies follows the ISSTD international treatment guidelines for the treatment of dissociative disorders (2011) as evidence-based via the TOP-DD outcome study (e.g. Brand et al, 2009, 2013).

We utilise a variety of clinical and psychometric outcome and evaluation measures of improvement, including the CORE-OM, the Dissociative Experiences Scale II (DES II) and the QlesQ quality of life questionnaire. All of our psychotherapeutic work is regularly case managed and reviewed by our core team and in liaison with patients, their supporters and their local professional networks.

We value patient and professional feedback highly and we are currently developing and implementing service user satisfaction questionnaires for all new patients.

We seek to advance research and training nationally, through supporting NHS services, contributing to existing research programmes and commissioning new work of its own.  Throughout 2012 we and some of our patients collaborated with researchers from the University of Essex undertaking a groundbreaking new study into dissociation and its treatment.  We continue to support Professor John Morton with his ongoing research into memory and the dissociative brain and Clinic patients currently participate in the latest TOP-DD international research trial using Skype and internet links to the USA.