Our staff and accreditations


All our clinical staff are experienced Consultant Psychologists, Consultant Psychotherapists and Specialist Counsellors/Therapeutic Support Workers and have extensive experience of working with complex trauma and dissociation. Many have completed advanced training in these areas and most are members of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) and its European counterpart, the ESTD. We have eight current SCID-D trained national assessors for the specialist assessment and diagnosis of the dissociative disorders.

All staff are fully DBS checked (enhanced) for work with vulnerable people.


Our clinical staff are fully trained and accredited mental health professionals, whose memberships include the following accrediting bodies:

  • British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)
  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
  • British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP)

Clinical psychotherapeutic and management staff are also full members of a variety of professional organisations including:

  • British Psychological Society
  • Institute of Psychoanalysis,
  • Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • British Association for Music Therapy

The senior clinical team

The core clinical staff at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies have all had a psychoanalytically or psychodynamically orientated training. The Clinic additionally engages around 30 Consultant Psychotherapists and therapeutic support staff who work from the Clinic’s London base and across a variety of locations all over the UK, seeing Clinic patients under the management oversight of the core team.

Our specialist Consultant Clinic Psychotherapists come from various UK psychotherapy trainings across the country, according to the clinical needs of each patient. Different theoretical models include psychoanalytic / psychodynamic, person-centred, art, music and play psychotherapy and sensori-motor therapy.

Mr Mark Linington
CEO and Clinical Director

UKCP reg
Consultant Psychotherapist

Mark Linington is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with children and adults (UKCP reg.). He trained as a psychotherapist at The Bowlby Centre where he also remains in a senior role.

He worked for 12 years in the NHS as a psychotherapist with children and adults with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems, who have experienced complex trauma and abuse.

He also works in private practice with children, adults and families and organisations. He has published several papers about his clinical work and has presented his work at a number of conferences.

Mr Graeme Galton
Senior Consultant Psychotherapist

BA, MA, UKCP Registered

Graeme Galton is a Consultant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and supervisor at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies.

He also works in private practice in London and teaches on the clinical training programme at The Bowlby Centre.He is a supervisor approved by the UK Council for Psychotherapy.He previously worked for 16 years in the National Health Service as a psychotherapist and supervisor in an outpatient psychotherapy service.

Graeme is a registered member of The Bowlby Centre and is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.He is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy and holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, the European-wide standard for psychotherapy training.

He edited “Touch Papers: Dialogues on Touch in the Psychoanalytic Space” (Karnac, 2006), as well as co-editing “Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder” with Adah Sachs (Karnac, 2008).  He is a SCID-D trained national assessor.

Ms Nancy Borrett
Consultant Psychotherapist

Reg MBACP Accred, HCPC Reg
Consultant Psychotherapist

Nancy Borrett is a counsellor, psychotherapist and music psychotherapist. She practises as a psychodynamic and integrative practitioner.

She has worked extensively with a variety of patient groups including children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and severe and enduring mental health problems in both the NHS and in private practice.

She has extensive experience of working with complex trauma and is additionally a trained Trauma-Focussed CBT psychotherapist and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Re-processing) clinician. She is a SCID-D trained national assessor and a full member of the ESTD.

Ms Emma Jack
Consultant Psychotherapist and Supervisor

UKCP reg
Consultant Psychotherapist

Emma Jack is a Consultant Psychotherapist and Supervisor at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies.

She also works in private practice in London and teaches on the clinical training programme at The Minster Centre. She is a supervisor approved by the UK Council for Psychotherapy. Over the last 10 years she has worked for The National Health Service as a psychotherapist in a personality disorder service and as an individual psychotherapist for The London Ambulance Service. She is a trained EMDR Practitioner.

Emma is a registered member of The Minster Centre and is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. She has an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Administrative Team

Simone Bowman,

Business and Office Manager

Simone leads on the business and administrative aspects of referrals and securing NHS funding for our patients. She also oversees the Office and Administration function.

Tom Kippenberger,

Admin and Support

Tom manages the administration, all enquiries, and runs projects within the office.

Specialist consultants and patrons

Dr Valerie Sinason, Patron


Dr Valerie Sinason is an adult psychoanalyst and adult and child psychotherapist, specialising in disability, trauma and abuse. She is registered with the BPC, ACP and UKCP and is also an SCID-D National Assessor. She established the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in 1998, and retired as its Director in December 2016.

She is president of the IPD (Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability), patron of the Dorchester Trust and the Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse, Honorary Consultant Psychotherapist to the University of Cape Town’s Child Guidance Clinic and is acting chair of trustees of the Nieu Bethesda Arts Foundation and a council member for Norwood.

Dr Abby Seltzer, Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Abby Seltzer is an independent Consultant Psychiatrist with over 30 years’ experience. For the last 16 years, she has specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD, complex trauma and dissociative disorders. She is a member of ETSS and ESTD and is trained in EMDR and sensorimotor psychotherapy. She provides expert psychiatric consultation to the Clinic and works in conjunction with the core Clinic team and local NHS Consultant Psychiatrists in the diagnosis and clinical management of our patients.

Sir Richard Bowlby, Patron

Sir Richard Bowlby is a longstanding supporter of the Clinic and is studying the work of his father, John Bowlby, the pioneer researcher on the impact of early attachment relationships between parents and their young children.

Mr David Leevers, Patron

A Natural Sciences degree at Cambridge and an interest in ‘thinking computers’ led Mr David Leevers to a career in communications engineering, where his work included developing a successor to the Enigma machine in the 1960’s, inventing the first smart telephone in 1979 and designing a Facebook predecessor in the mid-1990s.

David joined CDS UK in 2000 as Social Systems Consultant. He also had a keen interest in brain functioning within psychiatric conditions and explored the relationship between Schizophrenia and dissociation in order to understand and alleviate the relevant neural mechanisms. He brought together in this role a keen interest in both social systems, technology and its development and complex mental health.

Professor John Morton, Patron

Professor John Morton conducts memory research on amnesia between alter-personalities at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies and elsewhere.