About Us

What we do

CDS UK is a registered charity supporting children and adults who have dissociative disorders and complex traumatised states, often following a history of childhood trauma including abuse. Our work aims to help patients reduce dissociative and post-traumatic symptoms, come to terms with what has happened to them and, where possible, to empower them to regain control and move forward in their lives.

Treatment options can vary; taking into account the severity of the dissociative disorder present, the degree of trauma experienced and whether there is ongoing traumatisation persisting into adulthood. Patients are treated by senior psychotherapists with specialist experience in working with people with dissociative disorders.

We are an independent provider to the NHS and treat the majority of our patients via NHS referral, which is usually made by a patient’s GP or an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist/Community Mental Health team or other secondary care NHS provider.

We participate in research and have published six books and numerous papers on the subject of the dissociative disorders. Our staff regularly lecture nationally and internationally on the subject. We are an active member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (the ISSTD) and the European Society (the ESTD). We are also participants in the ESTD’s UK training group and work closely alongside survivor organisations including First Person Plural, The Survivors Trust and NAPAC.